• Rolling Polarization

      The British, including British  conservatives, don’t like Donald Trump anymore than Continentals do. Ben Riley-Smith, the U.S. editor for The Daily Telegraph, predicted at the start of the President’s impeachment trial in the Senate  that Americans would be glued to the television broadcasts for the duration of the proceedings. Of course, the majority—probably the… Read More

  • The Signs of the Times

    It has been many years since I last saw bedraggled men on street corners wearing sandwich boards or holding up signs prophesying the imminent end of the world. Perhaps this is yet another symptom of the further decline of the Christian faith in America. It is Christianity that introduced into the world the concept of… Read More

  • The Giants Are NOT Coming

    The Democrats are pretending that they are acting from a position of overwhelming strength in their impeachment charade against the White House. In reality, this political war so far is really a phoney war they dare not raise to the level of an active one by holding what the obstructive Remain Parliament in Westminster would… Read More

  • A Tale of Two Constitutions

    Liberals can talk all they want to about liberal democratic capitalism being the future of the world.  If only for their own good, however, and that of their country they ought to ponder more deeply than they have done so far on the significance of  contemporary social and political events in Great Britain and the… Read More