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    The Left’s condemnation of previous generations for not being liberal, anti-sexist, and anti-racist (etc.) is as reasonable and fair as it would be for Christians to condemn everyone who lived in the millennia before Christ for not having been Christian.  

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    It used to be ignorant Birchers and equally ignorant and uninstructed people of the lower middle-class who feared the Russians and were obsessed by them. Now they’ve been replaced by liberals, bien-pensants generally, and the Democratic party. I think these people went Stalin back. 14 October 2019

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    The European Union: Making Europe safe for bureaucracy. 6 October 2019

  • Thiessen Is Right: So Is Trump

      After many mornings trying to make sense of what I read in the newspapers and many evenings   flattening my eyeballs against a television screen I discovered this article by Marc Thiessen, which seems to me to explain the present Ukrainian situation with perfect clarity and fairness. https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/marc-thiessen-democrats-outraged-trump-mueller-probe As I recall, Thiessen was originally cool… Read More

  • “Bring Us Together”

    President Trump is blamed daily,  chiefly by liberals and quislings within the Republican Party, for “dividing” the country by his “rhetoric” instead of “bringing us together.”  What could they possibly have in mind by that? If the United States were a genuine nation rather than a legal and political abstraction, we should  already  “be together,” the… Read More

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    When all wealth is abolished, only politicians will have wealth.   3 October 2019

  • An Old Friend Heard From

    A couple of decades ago when I was living in Las Cruces, New Mexico I met a Mexican-American gentleman named Sócrates Villa, a former illegal alien who had got himself and his family legalized,  become a great patriot, run for State Representative as a conservative Republican, but been defeated by the Nueva méxicana candidate from… Read More

  • Politicians CAN Change

    Journalists, notably H.L. Mencken, used to complain that ninety-nine percent of American politicians, ninety-nine percent of the time, had the habit–deplorable in a democracy–of giving speeches in which they said precisely nothing. Today, at the end of the second decade of the 21stcentury, politicians—like children–will say absolutely anything, as we’ve learned over the past summer as… Read More

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    Pensée The left never forgets what it views as an outrage, nor forgives what it feels as an injury. It has the memory of the elephant, without his intelligence. 28 September 2019

  • More Conservative than Thou

    Someone has sent me a link to a recent article in the Washington Postby George F. Will, the noted columnist and Puritan atheist divine. It was kind of him, but misguided. The title of the piece is “‘National conservative’ policies are full of oxymorons.” Will’s complaint (he complains a lot) is that “national conservatives,” including Tucker… Read More