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Chilton Williamson, Jr. - Author

Posted April 18, 2019

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Author, columnist, and editor, Chilton Williamson, Jr. has published works of fiction, narrative nonfiction, and “pure” nonfiction. In addition to these, his many hundreds of essays, critical reviews, and short stories have appeared in such publications as Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture, Harper’s, The New Republic, National Review, Commonweal, The New Leader, The American Spectator, The Nation, Middle American News, The Arizona Republic (where he was Writer in Residence during the winter of 1993), The American Conservative, and

Mr. Williamson began his career as History Editor for St. Martin’s Press in New York City. He left St. Martin’s to accept the position of literary editor (and later Senior Editor) at National Review, a job he held for more than thirteen years. In 1989 he joined the staff of Chronicles as Senior Editor for Books. Four years later, he inaugurated his popular Chronicles column, “The Hundredth Meridian” (a record of his life and adventures in the Rocky Mountain West), which he has recently begun alternating with a second column, “What’s Wrong With the World” (concerning contemporary manners and mores). In 2015, Mr. Williamson was appointed editor for Chronicles.

In 1979, Mr. Williamson moved from New York City to Wyoming where he has lived ever since, working as a long-distance editor by phone, fax, email, and Federal Express and commuting to the home editorial offices several times a year, or when absolutely necessary. He is regularly a lecturer at meetings of the John Randolph Club and the Rockford Summer School in Rockford, Illinois and has delivered papers as well at international conferences in Europe.



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